In the 21st century, only old-school supervillains have secret lairs and vaults of stolen gold. Today, supervillains have sites on the Dark Web, fund their schemes with untraceable digital currency, and find henchmen and followers on violent far-right message forums.

Founded in the early 1980s, NEXUS was the umbrella organization for some of the world’s greatest superhero teams. But the world has changed. Heroes have grown old, gone missing, retired. The system they fought to uphold has been revealed as a machine of cruelty and oppression; the way of life they defended was an illusion. Their old enemies now receive engraved invitations to dinner at the White House.

What does justice look like in 2020? What does it mean to be a hero?

In Los Angeles, a new NEXUS team has formed, with heroes both old and new. Together they will seek answers to these questions.

And punch bad guys. Always punch bad guys.

Nexus: City of Angels

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